9/3: News From 5th

I can’t believe this week is over already! What we packed into this week:

Social Studies: We are learning about the 5 different regions of the U.S. We are in the Great Plains region of the Midwest!

Science: We just finished up our digital lab about making a controlled experiment. We tested how high a basketball would bounce with the variables of: ball drop heights, air inflation, and type of floor/ground.

Grammar: We started discussing Adjectives and Adverbs, along with a review of the 4 types of sentences.

Reading: In ‘Night of the Spadefoot Toads’ we have read up to Chapter 5.

Spelling: Our Unit this week was words with long ‘i’ and long ‘o’ sounds.

Religion: We finished up our 2 weeks talking about the various Parables of Jesus. Ask your child which was their favorite!

SEL: We finished up talking about Empathy this week with a drum circle and review of how we can become more empathetic.

*Scholastic Book Orders are due Friday, September 10th!

Have a Wonderful LONG Weekend – Mrs. Witkowski