Class News from Room 111

Third Graders have been working hard during the beginning weeks of school.  We’ve been meeting and making new friends as we welcome Bailey Dutton, Jacob Ibarra, Roman Nierzwicki and Lilly Jimenez to the St. Cletus Family. I love seeing the excitement in the students eyes as they gather at the beginning of each day to attend school inperson.  The students have been doing a wonderful job getting use to the new normal of the school world.

The class did an amazing job presenting their September Poems on FLIPGRID.  I loved seeing their faces as they recited their chosen poems.  October’s poem sheet will be sent home in the Friday Folders and presentations will be due on FLIPGRID Friday October 16th.

This week we will:

Monday ~ September 28th:  Spanish and Gym

Tuesday ~ September 29th:  Art

Wednesday ~ September 30th:  Gym

Thursday ~ October 1: Spanish      Picture day!  Please dress ready to have your picture taken.  Milk will be delivered starting today.  Please let me know if you ordered milk for your child.

Friday ~ October 2nd:  TLC     Spirit Wear Full Dress Down Day at NO CHARGE!!

Remember that students should start wearing their regular DRESS UNIFORMS on Monday, October 5th.  Please also remember that nail polish is not allowed at school.  Also children should wear socks that are solid colored and visible above their shoe.

Religion:  Attend Mass virtually on Tuesday morning as we watch Sunday, September 27th Mass.  Our Religion series has us learning more about Jesus’ death and Resurrection.  Watch for the October Prayer in the Friday folder this coming Friday.  The reciting of the October Prayer will be due on FLIPGRID Friday October 23rd.

Math:  Complete the Chapter One Assessment on Monday.  The students will then begin chapter two which will have the class focusing on learning to read different types of graphs to interpret data and solve story problems.  During the week the students will be assigned the next four lessons (21 to 24) in the Math Simple Solutions book to complete by Friday, October 2nd.  The students will take a short SIMPLE SOLUTIONS quiz on Friday that will have the students showing their understanding of the concepts reviewed during the week.

Reading:  We will continue reading “The Case of the Gasping Garbage” in class.   As we read the story the students are using their close reading skills to find answers to questions centered around the days chapter.  The students have been asked to choose a MYSTERY CHAPTER book for their October book reports.  The directions for the October book reports will be sent home by the middle of October and will be due October 30th

Spelling:  The students have completed the first five units of our spelling series.   This week they will spend their time reviewing the short vowel sounds as well as those of /oi/, /ou/, /oo/ and /ew/.  There will be 20 words on our spelling list this week instead of the usual 15.  The spelling homework this week will be to use BEST and NEATEST handwriting as the students write each word two more time on the sheets provided.  The list of words will be divided into groups of ten.  This Friday the students will take the List and Standardized spelling test.

Grammar and Phonics:  Our Phonics books have the class reviewing the long vowel sounds as well as learning the rules about one syllable words that have two vowels in them.  On Friday, October 2nd the students will be taking Grammar Simple Solutions Quiz 6.  The quiz will have the students showing their understanding of the concepts reviewed during the week.

Science:  We have been working on a unit that has been focused on the tools a Scientist uses as they work.  We have learned about scales, graphs, microscopes, and other tools.  The students also learned about hypothesis, making inferences and interpreting data.  The students will be working on completing a review page that will help them study for a Unit Test next week.

Writing:  The class has been reading and talking about how to write a Narrative story.  We have read two great examples: “The Lemonade War and The Case of the Gasping Garbage” from our reading series.  The students will be working on writing a narrative story about a witch and her adventure.

About the author

My name is Lisa Gearen. I started teaching at St. Cletus in 2003. I taught first grade for 14 years and now teach 3rd. I have a bachelors degree in Communication and a Masters in Elementary Education. I received both degrees from Concordia University. I also have an associates degree in Early Childhood Education as well as being a Certified Catechist.