Classroom News


The 7th grade Science class finished their bacteria unit out with making “wanted posters” about certain types of bacteria. On the posters they had a picture and info about how it’s spread. They have turned out really good! It was a nice chance to do research and express creativity.

The 7th grade Social Studies class is still moving along with their History Fair projects. Right now they are mostly done with the research phase and are moving  on to structuring their arguments with claims and evidence. I have met with each group multiple times this week to help them with organizing their work. Once we are finished with structuring this outline, they will be close to a final product.

The 8th grade Social Studies is currently learning about reform movements in the early 19th century such as Abolitionism and the Women’s Suffrage movement.  Today we talked about the amazing man known as Frederick Douglass.


Mr. Steffen