F.Y.I. (Four Your Information) Newsletter 1/7-1/21

Welcome Back! We have had a nice short week transitioning and preparing for the New Year! 

Here is a quick look at what is in store for 4th grade in the upcoming weeks. 

Tuesday, January 11th

  • Mass of the Holy Spirit 8:00 am
    • Students should be dropped off at their regular drop off points and head into the classroom. School doors will open at 7:45 am to allow students time to put away their belongings and head to the church as a class. Please do not drop students off at the church. Staff will escort students who are late from the school to the church.

Friday, January 14th

  • Unit 17 Test
  • Midwest States and Capitals Test

Monday, January 17th 

  • No School-Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Tuesday, January 18th 

  • Unit 17 Test
  • Midwest States and Capitals Test

Math: After taking this week to review multiplication and reintroduce division vocabulary we will be jumping into division. In the upcoming weeks we will cover: estimating quotients, interpreting remainders, dividing tens, hundreds, thousands, and using compatible numbers. 

Reading: We are still utilizing the story The Longest Night to work on our comprehension skills as well as analyzing characters, describing events, and making inferences. Students should bring their research books to class as they will have class time to work on their biography project. 

Spelling/Grammar/Writing: Our spelling unit this week focuses on the complex consonant soft g. Students will be able to read, spell, and write words with the soft g sound. Students will also be able to make inferences about the meanings of spelling words, as well as use a dictionary. The following spelling unit is a review of units 13-17. We have begun to work on our New Year: One Word project. Instead of arbitrary resolutions which can be difficult to follow, students will find their one word to help motivate them to end the school year strong! For our next writing project, students will choose an historical figure to research and report on. They will create a “bottle buddy” of this person. Finally, our next grammar unit will focus on formal and informal language in writing, which will assist students in writing their biography report. 

Science: The students completed their design process unit by having a catapult launch competition. Using just popsicle sticks, rubber bands, tape, and spoons, the students designed, created, tested, and modified their own catapults. Our furthest launch across the grade measured at 16 feet! Over the next two weeks, the students will begin a unit on plants and animals, wherein they will learn about plant structures and environmental adaptations. 

Social Studies: We will begin researching our lovely state and writing to the other 49 schools. If parents would like to donate Forever stamps or  to purchase stamps that would be greatly appreciated. We hope to send out our post cards by the end of January. We will also be learning about the landforms, resources, and history of the Midwest. 

Religion: We have launched into the next chapter of the We Believe series. This chapter discusses how God calls us to be close to him by giving us the gift of conscience. We are discussing our free will and making good choices based on the conscience God has given us. 


Please be sure to revisit the dress code for 3-8th. As a reminder, please be sure to send your child dressed for the weather. We will be having outdoor recess as long as the weather permits. 

***4th grade is running low on paper towels and disinfectant wipes if you would like to help us replenish, we greatly appreciate it. 

Thank you so much for your constant support and cooperation!

P.S For a house point have your child tell us the code word: Goals

Mrs. Lupe Varchetta and Mrs. Allison Wrodarczyk (Russell)