F.Y.I (Four Your Information) Week of 9/3- 9/17

Those last two weeks of August went by in a blink of an eye!


Here’s a look at what is going on the next two weeks in fourth grade: 


Monday, September 6th

  • No School-Labor Day


Tuesday, September 7th

  • Mass of the Holy Spirit 8:00am 
    • Students should be dropped off at their regular drop off points and head into the classroom. School doors will open at 7:45 am to allow students time to put away their belongings and head to the church as a class. Please do not drop students off at the church. Staff will escort students who are late from the school to the church.


Wednesday, September 8th

  • Capitalization and Punctuation Quiz


Friday, September 10th

    • Spelling Unit 3 Test 
    • Red, White, and Blue Dress Down 
    • Religion Unit 12 quiz
  • 1:30 pm early dismissal


Monday, September 13th

  • No School- Staff Development Day


Wednesday, September 15th 

  • Book Orders for ROOM 115 Due Today


Friday, September 17th 

  • Spelling Unit 4 Test
  • St. Cletus Spirit Celebration Day 


We are welcoming September with open arms. 4th grade has been working hard and this week they got to play hard with their 1st House Celebration. These events are meant to help promote teamwork, communication, kindness, and creativity. 


Math: The students have done a great job understanding place value, writing numbers three ways, and comparing numbers. These next two weeks will be spent rounding numbers,adding and subtracting up to the millions, and renaming numbers. We will also begin studying and preparing for our first test. Study sessions will be available before or after school-dates to be announced. 


Reading: We are continuing to use our Porpoises in Peril (P.I.P) text to practice various reading skills. After reviewing elements of plot in August, we will be putting this knowledge into practice in the coming weeks. Students will support answers about the text with cited textual evidence. We will focus on sequence of events, characterization, and summarization. We will then wrap up our text with a quiz (dates to follow). 


Spelling/Grammar/Writing: Our spelling list for the coming weeks will focus on long a and long e sound patterns. Using their spelling list students will work on sorting their words based on sound, differentiating between “a, ai, ay” and “ea, ee, ie.” We will also use those words in analogies. In Grammar, we are wrapping up our capitalization and punctuation unit with a quiz on Wednesday. Following this, we will begin looking at types of sentences and parts of speech. In writing, students have finished writing a biographical poem, and will begin a descriptive writing piece. 

Science: Students have reviewed what science is, what scientists do, and what skills they use. We have been working toward being able to explain the scientific method, the different ways to make observations, and what is involved in experiments and investigations. In the coming weeks, we will use the scientific method by conducting experiments in the classroom. Students will ask a question, write a hypothesis, plan an experiment, perform an experiment, state their conclusion, and share their results. 

Social Studies: We have been hard at work identifying the 5 themes of geography and with the help of a catchy tune and constant practice, we are getting really good at it! Students are currently creating an island that has all the 5 themes. Students will draw and present their islands these upcoming weeks. After which we will dive into our first region of the US, which is the Northeast. 

Religion: We will be wrapping up our unit on the parts of the Mass there will be an open book quiz on Friday, September 10th. We will then begin to look at Jesus and his life as an example of how to live our lives. 


Please be sure to revisit the dress code for 3-8th. 

Thank you so much for your constant support and cooperation!

P.S For a house point have your child tell us the code word: community

Mrs. Lupe Varchetta and Mrs. Allison Wrodarczyk (Russell)