Four Your Information: Week of 11/30-12/11

Hello 4th Grade Families,

While it is certainly an adjustment, it is GREAT to be back! I am incredibly excited for what the rest of 4th grade has in store for the kiddos and for myself!

Dates to Remember: 

December 2nd & 3rd:

  • Kendra Scott Online Shopping Event

Friday, December 4th:

  •  Frindle Test
  • Spelling Test

Math: We are delving deeper into the world of DIVISION. These next two weeks we will be taking what we’ve learned previously (basic division facts) and applying it in a variety of ways! We will be using the distributive property to divide along with repeated subtraction, and partial quotients. Remember to keep practicing those multiplication facts mastering those will help us master division as well 🙂 

Reading: All good things must come to an end! We will be finishing our novel study, Frindle this week. We will use the remaining chapters of Frindle to practice characterization, cause and effect,  point of view, and expressing opinions. Students will have a Frindle  end of novel test on Friday, December 4th. Once Frindle is wrapped up students will begin to study the genre: biography in preparation for their Bottle Buddy Project (More information to come as we get closer to the date!).

Spelling/Grammar/Writing: Students will be introduced to our new spelling unit this week In Grammar we will be taking a moment to review our parts of speech as well as the components that make up a complete sentences and the types of sentences. Once that is complete we will begin diagramming sentences. For writing, we will continue to write R.A.C.E responses to our reading along with creating fictional narratives.

Science:Learning about plants and animals sure was a lot of fun, especially the invasive species projects! Now it’s time to move on and learn about energy and ecosystems! These upcoming weeks we will be learning about the food chain, natural resources, and how humans impact the ecosystems.

Social Studies: We are moving onto the next region! We are moving from the Northeast down to the Southeast. We will begin looking at the states and capitals of the Southeast, along with its history and landmarks.

Religion: Students are learning about the 7th commandment, which is thou shall not steal. In this chapter we will learn that the Seventh Commandment calls us to live out the peace and justice of Jesus Christ. They will also discover that God wants us to respect the property and dignity of all people.


Thank you so much for your constant support and cooperation!

Mrs. Lupe Varchetta