Four Your Information: Week of 12/14-12/21

Here’s a look at what’s going on in the world of Fourth Grade! 

Monday, December 14th 

  • Advent Prayer Walk and Food Collection Drive 

Tuesday, December 15th

  • 7th Commandment Chapter Test

Wednesday, December 16th

  • Finalizing person for bottle buddy project

Thursday, December 17th

  • Math Ch. 4 Test 

Friday, December 18th 

  • Math Ch. 4 Test Continued
  • Grammar Quiz on Parts of Speech and Types of Sentences
  • States and Capitals Quiz 

Monday, December 21st

  • Pajama Day! 

Tuesday, December 22nd 

    • Biography book for Bottle Buddy must be chosen 
    • Christmas Dress UP!
  • Winter Break Begins we will resume classes online January 6th. 

Math: We are wrapping up our first division chapter (ch. 4). This chapter, students practiced dividing using various methods. As a class we will be reviewing Wednesday, December 16th. The actual test will be separated into two days (Thursday and Friday). After our test we will continue to practice the skills we learned through fun holiday activities. 

Reading: We have been working on identifying the elements of plot in Pixar shorts and various stories. We will be shifting directions into biographies as we begin to find and read about a famous Illinoisan for our Bottle Buddy Project.

Spelling/Grammar/Writing: Spelling will not be taking place leading up to Christmas Break. Grammar will continue to be focused on identifying the types of sentences as well as the parts of speech within a sentence. We will be using Holiday themed sentences. We will also be finishing up our fictional narratives which are centered around a common picture. It has been great seeing these writers each take the same picture and write totally different stories. I am amazed by their creativity. 

Science:  Students are in the process of creating food chains/webs for their chosen ecosystem. Moving forward, we will be looking at natural resources, identifying them as renewable or non-renewable, as well as, how humans play a role in ecosystems. 

Social Studies: We are wrapping up our Southeast unit. We will be focusing on the history of the Southeast, the tribes that used to inhabit it, the explorers of the Southeast, as well as, the Civil War and what happened afterwards. Students have a Southeast states and capitals quiz on Friday the 18th. Students will be tested throughout the unit or until they have reached mastery of the region. The best score will be taken for a grade. 

Religion: The Seventh Commandment will officially be wrapped up after our test on Tuesday, December 15th. Christmas is rapidly approaching, so we will be taking a break from the Commandments to focus on the story of Christmas and Advent. 

Thank you so much for your constant support and cooperation!

Mrs. Lupe Varchetta