Four Your Information: Week of 2/1-2/12

These last weeks of January have flown by! 4th grade has been hard at work learning wrapping up the Southeast region, exploring our weather unit, working on our bottle buddies and so much more! 

Here’s a look at what else is going on in the next two weeks in fourth grade: 

Monday, February 1st

  • CSW: Celebrate Community
    • Students wear college shirts or sweatshirts with uniform bottoms
    • Stop & Dance – music will pipe in throughout the day to get up and dance!

Tuesday, February 2nd

  • CWS: Celebrate Students
    • Students get to dress down! (must follow dress code)
    • No Homework
    • Hot Dog & Chip Lunch provided by FSA

Wednesday, February 3rd

  • CSW: Celebrate Our Nation
    • Wear patriotic colors 
  • Religion- Ch. 22 Ninth Commandment Test

Thursday, February 4th

  • CSW: Celebrate Vocations
    • Regular uniform 
    • Students will write letters to clergy

Friday, February 5th 

    • CSW: Celebrate Teachers & Essential Workers
      • Dress down in spirit wear or red and white
    • 5pm Virtual Bingo
  • Biography Outline Due by end of class

Friday, February 12th 

  • Valentine’s Day Celebration
    • Following the AOC guidelines, students will not be exchanging Valentine Cards. However, we will still be celebrating. 
    • Students are encouraged to bring a special prepackaged Valentine’s Day treat for themselves. 

Math: This past week we finished up Chapter 5: Factors, Multiples, and Patterns. This week will dive into our fraction unit. We will be doing some fun activities to familiarize ourselves with fractions. We will be working on identifying and creating equivalent fractions, identifying common denominators, as well as, simplifying fractions. 

Reading: Students have finished up reading their biography as well as researching their bottle buddy person. We will begin to dive into our next novel study of the year, Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. We will utilize Paulsen’s novel to focus on various reading comprehension skills. 

Spelling/Grammar/Writing: Students will be introduced to Unit 10 spelling words- words. Students will be completing various activities as they work on these. Unit 10 assessment will be given on Friday, February 12th. In Grammar, students are working on perfecting their classification of sentences. We have added complete subjects and complete predicates. We will continue to practice classifying sentences to fully understand each part of speech. We are also practicing subject-verb agreement within our writing and in Grammar. Having finished their research students will begin planning their 5 paragraph biographical essay. Using their research, students will begin completing a detailed outline for their five paragraph essay. This will be done in class, however, students are responsible to have it completed by the end of class on Friday the 5th. If students feel that they will not have it completed then they should work on it at home. 

Science: Our current unit is all about the weather and having had a snow day gave students the perfect opportunity to witness the water cycle at work. Students had a blast the last snow day building snowmen, making snow angels, and more. We will wrap up our unit these next two weeks through a virtual lab where we will be observing various weather patterns. We will also be completing a few weather activities. 

Social Studies: Last week we wrapped up the Southeast Region in our textbook. We will be beginning our new unit, the Midwest. We will be looking at what makes the Midwest unique. We will also be working on memorizing our states and capitals of the Midwest. Students will be tested on their states and capitals on Fridays. Students will be tested throughout the unit or until they have reached mastery of the region. The best score will be taken for a grade. Any region states and capitals quiz that students would like to retake must be done before March 2nd. Students who would like a retake must email their teacher before the Friday. 

Religion: The Ninth Commandment will officially be wrapped up after our test on Wednesday, February 3rd. The Lenten season will soon be here so we will be taking a break from the Commandments to prepare ourselves for Lent, which begins with Ash Wednesday, February 17th.

Thank you so much for your constant support and cooperation!

Mrs. Lupe Varchetta