Four Your Information: Week of 3.26-4.16


Here’s a look at what else is going on before we break for Spring Break in fourth grade: 

Monday, March 29th

  • Book Fair- 4th Grades day to browse and shop! If you’d like to purchase some books be sure to bring money. 

Thursday, April 1st

  • Auction T-shirt Dress Down
  • Last Day of Book Fair
  • Holy Thursday

Friday, April 2nd

  • No School-Good Friday
  • SPRING BREAK BEGINS- classes resume April 12

Monday, April 12th

  • Classes Resume

Friday, April 16th 

  • Hatchet Ch. 13-Epilogue Checkpoint
  • Hatchet Day! 
  • 20201 Cardinal Castaway Auction-Submit your RSVP to the school office by Friday, April 16th to get your tickets! or visit Cardinal Castaway to purchase tickets or donate!

Math: Students have been working on adding and subtracting fractions using models. We will be continuing to practice these skills by adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators, renaming fractions and mixed numbers, as well as, solving multi-step fractions.  

Reading: We are continuing our Hatchet Novel study. There will be a Hatchet Ch. 13-Epilogue Checkpoint quiz on Friday, April 16th. Students will be able to utilize their books. This past week we have tried our hand at six word summaries, analyzing quotes, and identifying the different types of conflict. We will continue to use the novel to answer comprehension questions that follow Bloom’s Taxonomy, as well as the following reading skills: characterization, author’s craft, figurative language, compare and contrast, and identifying textual evidence.

Spelling/Grammar/Writing: In Grammar, students will continue to practice classifying sentences to fully understand each part of speech. Our focus in grammar will be modal auxiliary verbs. We will be beginning our new Spelling Unit when we return from break. Our unit will cover words that have more letters than sounds. In Writing, students wrote an expository piece entitled, The Best Part of Me. These were inspired by the book The Best Part of Me, which has various poems/ entries from students. We will continue practicing analytical expository writing in the form of debate and other writing pieces. We will also be peppering some poetry into our writing for National Poetry Month. 

Science: Students have learned all about the phases of the moon and our planets. To end our unit students will be researching the planets and conducting presentations. 

Social Studies: We have paused learning about the regions to complete a unit on our state, Illinois. Students have learned about the Native Americans that inhabited the Illinois territory and have created stories from the perspective of the European settlers who traveled here. Students will learn about The French and Indian War, The Proclamation Line, American Revolution, and then conclude with an Illinois State project. 

Religion: We are nearing the end of our Lenten journey this week.  Students have worked hard to follow in the steps of Jesus. Each day students attempted to spread kindness. Aside from their personal Lenten Promises, we had set out as a class to raise $150 for the Rice Bowls. At the end 4th grade raised $200.61! That is a record in 4th grade. I am so proud of them. During Holy Week we will be reflecting on the Easter story and creating Resurrection Eggs so that students may retell the story at home. 



***Save the Date for the Spring Auction April 24th!!! It is a GREAT way to support our school. I will be auctioning off to after school experiences, Video Games with Mrs. V and Snack and Paint with Mrs. V The students also created a special item that will be available at the auction. Don’t miss out! 


***Other exciting Auction prizes to bid on include:

  • One year of St. Cletus tuition FREE!
  • PUPPIES! Your chance to bid on one of two low-maintenance, hypoallergenic and family-friendly breeds: a Mini Goldendoodle or a Shih Tzu-Poodle mix
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  • Long weekend, three (3) night getaway in a gated golf community in Lake Geneva for twelve (12) guests plus a boat cruise 
  • FREE Before- and After-care services at St. Cletus School for one year (one child)
  • Landscaping services, dance lessons, family photo shoot, La Grange restaurant certificates and much more!

Our Spring Auction is St. Cletus School’s biggest fundraiser. The proceeds support the school’s operating budget, including teacher salaries, utilities, and maintenance.  Visit Spring Auction to donate, sponsor, and/or buy your entry tickets. I will be attending! I hope to see you there.

Thank you so much for your constant support and cooperation!

Mrs. Lupe Varchetta