Four Your Information: Week of 4.26-5.7

Another week has come and gone! Time is flying in 4th. Here is a look at what what  we’ve done and where we will be heading with our learning!

Saturday, April 24th!

  • 2nd Grader’s 1st Holy Communion 
  • Cardinal Castaway Auction 7-10pm! Our Spring Auction is St. Cletus School’s biggest fundraiser. The proceeds support the school’s operating budget, including teacher salaries, utilities, and maintenance.  Visit Spring Auction to donate, sponsor, and bid on some GREAT items. I will be attending! I hope to see you there.

Monday, April 26th

  • Vision Screening

Tuesday, April 27th

  • D4D: Culvers in Lyons Be sure to support our school

Wednesday, April 28th

  • Auction Item Pick Up!
  • Go Math! Ch. 7 Quiz 

Saturday, May 1st

  • 2nd Grader’s 1st Holy Communion 

Monday, May 3rd

  • May Crowning

Math: Students have been working on turning improper fractions into mixed numbers and vise versa. They have also worked hard on learning how to add and subtract mixed numbers with renaming and solving multi step fraction problems. We will end Ch. 7 with a quiz and move onto Ch. 8. At the conclusion of pur fraction chapters students will complete a project as their larger assessment. 

Reading: We wrapped up Hatchet last week with Hatchet Day. It was a day full of hands-on activities. We packed survival packs, created planes, designed shelters, and attempted to create a bow and arrow using popsicle sticks, dental floss, and q-tips. This week we took a moment to practice specific reading skills such as summarizing, identifying theme v main idea, and characterization. Next week, we will begin literature circles. 

Spelling/Grammar/Writing: In Grammar, students focused on dialogue and the use of commas. Spelling Unit will cover silent consonants and complex consonants.  In Writing, students have been practicing analytical expository writing in the form of debate. It has been very fun listening to argue their side of an issue. This week coming up we will be adding some poetry to conclude National Poetry Month. 

Science: Students presented their solar system presentations as a conclusion to our unit. We have now moved into learning about matter. We are currently focusing on the physical properties of matter and their changes. We have a few labs/ activities surrounding those concepts. 

Social Studies: Students will begin to delve into Illinois rich history with an Illinois project. Students will research Illinois history and create an iPad page for Illinois! There will be nine apps that they will need to research information about, and draw a picture for! We will be doing the majority of the research at school. However, as with everything students are welcomed to work on this at home. 

Religion: We have finished up our Ten Commandments and are now focusing on ways we grow in Holiness. We have learned that the Holy Spirit gives us gifts and provides us with fruit to feed and nourish our soul as we navigate through life. Now that we have learned about holiness, prayer, sacraments, and the gifts and fruits of the spirit we will reflect on what it means to be an active member of our parish community and how we are called to discipleship.



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Thank you so much for your constant support and cooperation!

Mrs. Lupe Varchetta