Friday, January 11th, 2019

Welcome Back! We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas break!

  • Monday, January 14th –  Invention projects are due
  • Wednesday, January 16th –  50s or 80s themed dress down day for $1.00.  Money will be donated to Misericordia
  • Thursday, January 17th – 9 am all school Mass
  • Monday, January 21st – no school
  • Friday, January 25th – Innovation Fair – Please come and see the hard work our fifth graders have put into their inventions!  Parents are welcome to come and see the inventions on the 25th from 2:00 – 2:45 pm.

Religion – In chapter 9 students will be learning about the Sacrament of Confirmation.  Students will be studying and explaining the different parts of Confirmation and describing the symbols/actions of the celebration.  Students will also be looking at the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and showing those gifts can help us to be witnesses to Christ.

Reading:  Next week we will be finishing up “The Great Migration”.  Students have learned about this historical event by reading different perspectives and types of writing.  Students have been identifying main ideas and details in their readings.  Students have also worked to analyze pictures and explain their text connection.  Next, we will be reading about Angel Island and learning about the different structures of informative writing.

Language Arts:  In English, we are reviewing natural and inverted sentences.  Students will also be learning about compound sentence structure and will continue to label sentences.  In spelling, students are studying words that have vowel changes in them.  Next in writing, we will be practicing opinion writing.  We will practice brainstorming and compiling as many reasons as possible; then narrowing down that list in order to choose the strongest ideas.  Lastly, students will be supporting their reasons with specific details and/ or examples.

Math – We started a new chapter in math this week, dividing decimals. Before break students practiced their multiplication and division skills, but I would suggest that over the weekends they still try to master those skills. Every week night students have a workbook page to complete. Students work on simple solutions in the middle of each chapter and at the end of chapters.

Science – We just started a new Unit about living organisms and how they are classified. This week we focused on the Kingdoms of living things. The invention project is due on Monday, January 14. Students are to bring their inventions to school. They were told to submit their invention report online in the science google classroom. They will have 2 minutes before science class to submit them, but if they are not submitted by that time, it is considered late. They also should have their drawing of their invention, which will be turned into the science bin when they come to class Monday. Students will begin presenting their inventions in class on Monday. I am very excited to see all of the great inventions!

Social Studies – In chapter 6, students are learning about life in the 13 Colonies.  Students will be investigating colonial jobs then vs now.  Students will also be learning about the major trading cities in the colonies and understand how each economy worked.