Friday, November 9th

  • Monday, November 12th – Author’s visit
  • Friday, November 16th – 5th grade goes to 8am Mass
  • Friday, November 16th – End of 1st trimester
  • Tuesday, November 20th – 11:30 dismissal, Parent/Teacher Conferences  from 12:30 – 8:00pm
  • Wednesday, November 21st – Thanksgiving break begins!

Religion – In Chapter 8, students will describe the events of Pentecost and how the Apostles were affected.  Students will also explain the history of the Sacrament of Confirmation and identify ways the Holy Spirit helps us.      

Reading –  Students have been doing a great job discussing the book Wonder.  Next week, we will practice small group discussion and activities.  Throughout the novel we are analyzing characters, using text evidence to support our thinking, and tracking theme topics. Students are getting to know and understand the different types of lit circle jobs that will be used in the future.  

Language Arts – In Shurley English, students are classifying imperative sentences, subject pronouns, and possessive pronoun adjectives.  In spelling, students will be reviewing short vowel sounds. This week in writing, students will practice opinion writing. We will be focusing on providing strong reasons and supporting details.

 Math – In math we are finishing up Chapter 3. We have been working and practicing adding and subtracting decimals. We have a saying that we use to help us: Line em’ up, Fill em’ up, and Add/Subtract em’ up. It helps us remember the steps to adding/ subtracting decimals. The Chapter 3 test will be Thursday, November 15. We will keep moving on to Chapter 4, which is learning how to multiply decimals!

Science – In science, students were introduced to the invention project. Guidelines were given and a rubric will be sent out and posted on google classroom. We have also started Unit 3 on Cells. Students compared animal and plant cells this week. They labeled and colored diagrams of the cells, which can be seen at open house on November 13! We will be continuing Unit 3 and will be talking about traits.

Social Studies – In Chapter 4, students are learning how Spain became an Empire in the late 1400s.  Student are learning about the Columbus Exchange and how the Aztec Empire fell.