Junior Kindergarten 9-17

Happy Friday! Today is our Pep Rally! They will be recognizing all the sports at St. Cletus in a fun spirited event! Our kids got together with their 7th grade buddies this week to make Cardinal hats to show their school spirit! We will be getting together with our 7th grade buddies monthly to visit and maybe do a seasonal project, and eventually will be attending mass with them down the road.  We also had a visit from the 8th grade girls to learn our victory cheer! (

Religion: Thank you to those who sent their family pictures in. We will be putting these pictures in our classroom along with a drawing from your child, to remind us that we are loved! We will also be looking for ways we can be a Cardinal. Cardinals,  being our school mascot and all, are also good friends of Jesus. We show that by being a good friend to others and being kind and helpful at home!

Literacy: We will introduce the letter /E/ and /H/ next week. Help your child find these letters as you read together, or simply looking at signs as your driving in the car.

Math: We are working on printing numbers and learning the number poems. Along with counting graphing , sorting and making patterns.

Science:  We are on the look out for the signs of the seasons changing.  If you get a chance while out walking with your child, feel free to bring in beautiful leaves and whole acorns!

A few reminders:

  • Grandparents day is Next Thursday! Be sure to bring in your form if your child is attending.
  • Have a wonderful weekend!

The Jk Team