Junior Kindergarten April 16, 2021

Our class worked on this beautiful picture together!! You can bid on this Auction item started TOMORROW! Here is the link: 

So many fun things to bid on! This is a major fundraiser for our school. The best part about this is it is FUN!!

Welcome back! Spring break went quickly as will the remainder of our school year! We plan on making the best of these days! Much learning and fun will still be happening in JK!

Religion: Next week brings us to Earth Day. This is a good time for us to look at God’s world in all it’s glory and see what we can do to help keep it clean for all of us! We have a responsibility to protect our Earth. God gave us this job. Our focus all week will be caring for all living things!

Literacy: Our Journaling will be self generated topics starting next week. This means each day your child can draw a picture of something they choose. Discuss ideas with your child. Some Jk topics are, school things, family things or friend things. As things come up in your home let your child know that would be a great thing to Journal about! Word work continues as does our look for more POPcorn words. Help your child see these words in your read aloud time.

Math: We are going deep with numbers! Ho many groups of ten in 23? How many hanging out at the side? This can be reviewed as you drive in the car.

Science/Social Studies: We will look to the earth and the changes in the spring time as we explore Earth Day! Our caterpillars came to our classroom too! We will watch them change and grow into beautiful butterflies!

Have a nice weekend and see you at the Cardinal Cast Away Auction!

The JK Team