Junior Kindergarten April 23,2021

Our Cast Away school auction is THIS SATURDAY!! So many great things to bid on, our classroom items are great! Thank you for rescuing us from the island! Mrs. Mrazek and I were very happy there on the beach, but certainly we would miss the JKers!! The funds raised will go into the auction! Thanks for supporting our school!

Religion: We are learning a song this week called, “Hooray for God.” It is a song we will be using in our virtual end of the year celebration. We will send out a link later. But this song reminds us that all good things come from God. We have a saying in JK….When you see good, you see God! Look around and help your child see the good, BE the good, so others can see God.

Literacy: We will be using decodable books and guided reading this week. When your child comes home with a decodable book, we ask that they read it to a “lucky listener.” This can be any family member, but we have also mentioned that a grandparent would LOVE to have your child call them and read this book to them! What a gift for BOTH the reader and the listener!

Math: Number work continues and seems to be going well! We will look to bigger numbers as the concept of tens and ones is becoming more clear!

Science/Social Studies: We are planting this week! Watching things grow from our hands, and being PATIENT is a great lesson for all