Junior Kindergarten April 30,2021

We painted butterflies today! Each wing of a butterfly is exactly the same! Ask your child how we make the wings match!


Thank you for supporting our school and getting me off the island… JK took 3rd place! Mrs. Mrazek and I were very happy to return to our classroom and spend our days with your children! A HUGE shout out to the committee of 4th grade families that ran our auction! The funds raised help our school in many ways. It was a fun night! The learning never stops in JK! Our students work together so well. It is a pleasure to see the development!

Religion: Hooray for God is a song we will learn this coming week. All good things come from God. Go do GOOD is something our students say every day. We ask them to do good things as they leave our classroom. Whether it’s going to gym, recess or home, we ask them to show God’s love to others by doing good! BE KIND is in our morning message daily. We hope you see kindness!

Literacy: CVC and word families along with POPcorn words will be our focus. Many children are finding these words EVERYWHERE! The students are reading our morning message as well as the weather reports daily. This confidence is supported by the “audience” giving a thumbs up as the report is given. Let your child show you words in your read alouds and you will find he or she knows MANY!! The words we have worked on are…THE, IT, IS…more to come!

 Math: Number work, making sure tens and ones are correct is always our work!

Science/Social Studies: Our caterpillars a sure have gotten big! They are making their cocoons too! Stay tuned as this transformation happens! Just like our transformation during the Easter Season!

Have a nice warm weekend! Enjoy the weather!

The JK Team