Junior Kindergarten August 28,2020

We will be praying near a statue every Friday! God hears the prayers of young children!

Our first full week of JK was fun! We even made it through the hot weather!

A few housekeeping items……the extra clothes will be kept here at school, we are keeping them in a separate bin in case of an “accident!” That is why they are not in their backpack any more! Please be sure the snack you send is easy to access and easy for your child to open! We have seen granola bars, string cheese, fruit, cucumbers…all good ideas as we take a quick morning break! This also holds true for lunch time. Have your child practice opening items, a thermos, a bag of goldfish..these things are tricky and fine motor skills are still developing, but trying “3 before me” is our rule! Give it a try 3 times, we are always willing to help! By the third time they may surprise themselves and actually do it! We are finding that the disposable masks seem to hold their shape best! The cotton ones are stretching out and not covering noses. Please take the time to see how your child’s mask is fitting. Thank you for helping us all stay safe and healthy!

Next week:

Religion: I am Special! God made each of us with unique gifts and talents. God does some beautiful work in the children!!

Literacy: Ask your child to tell you a rhyming word for small words, like: cat, big, man, etc. This phonemic awareness is a crucial part to “hearing” sounds and beginning of phonics! We will continue Jolly Phonics too! We will look at “A” and “T” next week. Each time we introduce a letter, a page will come home to let you know the letter we are working on. Ask your child to tell you things that begin with the letter.

Math: We are working on counting and number recognition.

Science: We are watching the weather and graphing each day to collect the information.

Take the time to read to your child, this time spent together is priceless!

Have a good weekend!

Mrs. Bentley