Junior Kindergarten December 11, 2020

This coming Monday, December 14, 2020, St. Cletus students and staff will be participating in a Advent Prayer Walk and Food Collection Drive during the school day. We are asking all students to please bring a non-perishable food item to donate to our Food Pantry. Our goal is to collect 300 donated items to help fill the shelves of the St. Cletus Parish Food Pantry.

Students and staff will walk the beautiful grounds of St. Cletus and stop at each statue to offer a prayer as a cohort. There are a total of seven statues surrounding our sacred grounds that students will become familiar with at St. Cletus. A prayer will be read at each statue along the way. The spiritual walk will conclude with students offering their donations.


We have been so lucky with our weather! We have been able to get outside each and every day! We ask that your child have a hat and gloves each day. We do plan on getting outside as much as possible. Boots are NOT something we will need. When snow is present, we will go for walks only. Young children struggle with boots, shoes and tying! We want to eliminate this stress, for your child and you!

Religion: Next week brings us to week 3 of Advent! Are you seeing a helpful JKer? Our gift to Jesus on His birthday are the kind deeds we have done through out Advent. Help your child find ways to contribute to running your household. Folding laundry, putting laundry away, cleaning and assisting with getting meals ready are things a 4/5 year old really can do! They really feel very proud of themselves as they tell us in class and add a piece of “straw” to the crib to make it soft for Jesus on His birthday.

Literacy: Reviewing letters, sounds and our Jolly Phonics actions has been going well! Phonemic awareness is a skill that we are working on. Hearing the sounds in words, taking words apart and and rhyming will be a focus these next few weeks. Word families will come after our Christmas break.

Math: Patterning and graphing are fun ways to develop a sense of numbers and how they work. Telling the number that comes before and after a given number will be worked on.

Science/Social Studies: Children have an innate sense of wonder about how things work and discovering the world around us! Help your child develop this by asking what he or she would like to learn…many children find the stars interesting, some are interested in animals. Listening to your child’s individual interests can be fun to explore with books and the internet! If you find a special interest, please let us know as we can explore at school too!

Have a Holly Jolly weekend!

The JK Team