Junior Kindergarten December 4, 2020

We are having our windows open often to help move the air around our classroom. Please have your child wear long sleeves each day. The recommendations call for open windows to circulate the air during the pandemic!

We are so happy to be back in school and to see everyone! Children NEED to be in person for so many reasons!

It was a great week of reviewing and catching up on the skills we have gained so far in JK. Letters, sounds patterns and number work are some of the things we worked on!

Advent is our main focus throughout the month of December. You received information regarding the ways we are getting our hearts ready for Jesus on His birthday. Daily acts of kindness or good deeds give us the opportunity to add a piece of straw to baby Jesus’ crib to make it soft for Him on His birthday. This is our gift to the Babe for His birthday. We get gifts on His birthday! That is how much He loves us! We also have a chain that tells the story of Christmas, we add a link each day to hear more of this wonderful story! We hope you are finding your child more helpful these days, and ready to do things around the house. Maybe even being kinder to a sibling! Let’s hope so!

Literacy: Now that we have reviewed letter sounds and Jolly Phonics, we will look at segmenting or taking apart words as well as work on word families or rhyming words. Many of our read aloud books will be about Christmas. Ask your child about these stories!

Math: We will be working on sorting and patterning. Look for ways to sort at home. Laundry comes to mind, have your child sort the socks! Ask your child if he or she sees a pattern on these socks, what is the same or different about them?

Science/Social Studies: We will be looking to the weather, noticing changes and looking for SNOW!

**We are planning a small presentation in our classroom and recording it to send to all our JK families! Please have your child dressed in his or her Christmas finery on Wednesday, December 9th.

Have a great weekend,

The JK Team