Junior Kindergarten February 12, 2021



Happy Valentine’s Day! We looked at love in many ways! Love of friends, love of families and love of God! We learn about LOVE mostly from our families, yet God loves us even more!

Our week was cold, but we stayed warm in our classroom as we shared God’s love with each other!

Religion: It is hard to believe, but Lent begins on Wednesday! Seems like we just took our Christmas trees down! We will discuss the Stations of the Cross in an age appropriate way.  This is the basis of our faith. Young children can learn compassion through the Stations.

Literacy: We will practice printing letters. Our word work continues with word families.

Math: We will use a ten frame to look at those teen numbers! Counting on from 20 to 30 will begin too!


Please check out the Seesaw activities as they re-enforce our classroom learning! If you need your child’s code, just let us know!


**We are working on our donation basket for our Spring Auction being held on Saturday, April 24. Our theme for this basket of goodies is “JK Rocks!” Pete the Cat will help make this a “groovy” thing for any JK-er!! Stay tuned as we will post pictures for you and your child to see!


Stay warm and safe

The JK Team