Junior Kindergarten February 19, 2021

God sure must love the snow! We seem to have been “blessed” with lots of it! We have discussed with the students, what is something you can do INSIDE when it is cold and snowy? They really had some great ideas! You can bake cookies, do a puzzle, play with toys, read a book or watch a good movie!

Religion: Lent began on Wednesday and we are getting our hearts ready for Easter. We are saying the “Our Father” after our morning prayer in class every day. Prayer is a form of talking to God, He is our friend and wants to be our friend! We will explore this and the life of Jesus. Jesus used parables and stories to teach us about God. These still speak to us today! We sent home a sheet with a butterfly on the back. Refer to that sheet to see the other good things we are doing to get our hearts ready for Easter.

Literacy: We will begin printing a letter of the alphabet each day. Proper letter formation will be the goal. Rhyme time will also be a focus! Hearing sounds is a vital piece to early reading success! We LOVE our read alouds! Please read daily/nightly with your child. The research on the benefits for this is off the charts!!!! We will continue to look at cvc words and look for some POPcorn words. These are words that pop up often in many books. Many times we refer to these words as sight words, we like to make everything fun, so POP corn words it is!!

Math: Our number work continues as we use many manipulatives to explore teen numbers and beyond. We are using a ten frame, double ten frame to look at teen numbers as well as blocks to show teen numbers.

Science/Social Studies: Working together makes our classroom run smoothly! We will look at how working together in our world can do the same!

**We sent home a packet during remote learning regarding a family recipe. We are looking for a recipe that is a family tradition, something you make for every holiday, a recipe handed down through the generations. Maybe your child’s favorite food, something you make together! If you need a packet again to revisit this project, just let us know. These recipes will be used for a future project so we are looking for every family to participate!

Have a great weekend!

The JK Team