Junior Kindergarten February 5, 2021

An indoor “snowball fight!”

We are Cardinals and we are GREAT!

Hooray for St. Cletus Catholic School! We celebrated our school in fine form during Catholic Schools Week. Our school is a great place to learn and grow…and we have fun while we are at it! Ask your child to sing our “We go to a Catholic School” song for you!

Religion: We will focus on the word LOVE as we look at Valentine’s Day. God asks one thing of us…LOVE ONE ANOTHER.  How do we do that? When we see love, we see God!

Literacy: We are working on CVC words. Ask you child to show you how we take these words apart. Moving our bodies as we separate words get our body working with our brain, things stick better this way! Working on sight words too…words we need to know just by seeing them.

Math: Number work continues, we will use blocks made to show groups of ten. Understanding what the number really is will get us ready to move into working with larger numbers.


Couldn’t we all use some help with this HUGE job of parenting? We all want to do the best job we can! Help is on the way!  Terry Manrique is a parent coach who hosts webinars with many different topics. You can find the topics that pertain to you and watch!  She has written many books with tips to make your life easier, and more enjoyable for your child too!

Here is the website for you to check out.

Reminder: Use the Seesaw activities to reinforce the learning we are doing in school. If you need your child’s sign in, please email me so I can make a copy to give to your child.


Have a great weekend and stay warm!

The JK Team