Junior Kindergarten January 29, 2021

**Ask your child about the Tootsie Roll Pops! Good stuff is on the inside!, just like us!

Happy Catholic Schools Week! We have so much to be proud of at St. Cletus School! But…our school would not be what it is without our great families! What a great team, parents, teachers and our Church! Passing on our faith to the next generation is a blessing and an honor. A daunting task, but when we work together it becomes a joy!

Religion: We will be celebrating our school through song and activities! St. Cletus is a great place to learn and grow!

Literacy: We will continue to work on word families and we might dip our toe into some sight words! We also are focusing on the LAST sound in a word.

Math: Number work will be looking at those teen numbers.

Science/Social Studies: What can we do to make our WORLD a better place? Our faith calls us to be lights for our world!

We are starting our Meteorologist daily reporter. Each day, a different child will report the weather to us using this form. If it is in your child’s backpack, it’s your child’s turn! Fill out the form and practice, practice, practice with your child so he or she feel comfortable presenting the weather report to our class!

Have a great weekend!

The JK Team