Junior Kindergarten March 12, 2021

Oh our leprechaun from Ireland, Mickey Finn, has caused some mischief on our classroom! He visits even March and brings some good things too! Ask your child all about Mickey Finn!

Religion: Our butterfly is getting filled with good deeds on the bulletin board outside our classroom! Help your child see ways in which he or she can show God’s love and kindness to others! Lent brings a time for all of us to reflect on ways we can be better followers of Jesus. What would Jesus do? That was a popular thought a while back. We are bringing it back in JK! Look for God in all things, when you see good, you see God. We have a very abstract faith. much we cannot see. Bringing our faith to light for young children means bringing it to a concrete level. We CAN see God working in our world when we show kindness and love to others.

Literacy: Please review our Jolly Phonics letter actions as we continue to explore word families, cvc words and POPcorn words. The sounds are very important for these next steps to confidence in reading!

This is a program developed in England so the accent can throw us all off! But the actions and sounds are repeated in a way that reinforces our classroom work!

Math: Counting to 30 has been going very well! Recognizing these numbers will be our next focus.

Science/Social Studies: Our weather reporting has been fun! If your child feels nervous, let him or her know we are there to help! God’s world is coming back to life! We will be observers of these wonderful changes!

Please join us for our Spring Auction, sure to be a good time. Check it out! See you there!

Have a great weekend!

The JK Team

Spring Auction