Junior Kindergarten March 26, 2021





SPRING HAS SPRUNG! We have spent lots of time outside enjoying the beautiful weather that God sends to remind us of His never ending love! We hope you have enjoyed the signs of new life with your family!

Religion: As we begin this next week with Palm Sunday,  we will explore Holy Week in an age appropriate way! Help your child see the love that Jesus shows us most especially during the holiest of weeks in our Church.

Literacy: We are working on those POPcorn words as well as rhyming and word families. Finding these words in our reading helps us make the connection to the things we are learning in school into real life! As we begin the Journaling process we are asking students to “write what they hear in words.” We will begin to ask children to Journal, using self generated topics. Talk to your child about things he or she can draw and “write” about in school. We Journal every morning. We will help students think of things to draw too. What did you do after school yesterday? Did you read a good story? Go for a bike ride? These are great topics to illustrate and  label. We will then write a sentence to go with the picture that the student dictates to us.

Math: We are looking at bigger numbers, groups of ten with ones hanging out at the side. Recognizing these numbers and breaking down the group of tens and ones are things we are working on!

Science/Social Studies: Spring gives us the perfect chance to see the world blossom! Our focus continues to be on weather and the new growth we notice around us!

Book Fair! We will go to the Book Fair on Thursday April 1. Your child will be coming home with a list of books he or she would like, a “wish list” We will be window shopping on Thursday! If you want your child to purchase any books at that time, please send an envelope with the amount enclosed and your child’s name. Look through the information that came home so your child knows what he or she can buy. Thank you!!

The Spring Auction is right around the corner! A fun event for all!

For more information on the auction click here:

How can you support the auction right now?

  • Donate a silent auction item!
  • Wine
  • Contribute to the Father’s Club Beer Cave: All beer donations can be dropped off at Audrius Girnius’s house, located at 622 8th Ave, LaGrange ; Donations can be left on his front stoop. What kind of beer?  Anything! How much beer?  Anything you’d like to contribute. Cases, 6-packs, Bombers, all accepted and greatly appreciated!