Junior Kindergarten May 14, 2021


Mr. Porod has mad football skills! The boys sure enjoyed playing catch with him. He also joined in the jump roping, didn’t catch that on film! We love when others join in our fun!

We have enjoyed the cooler spring weather! God is full of surprises, the warm weather will be here! As we say in JK…”Stay tuned!”

Religion: We have changed and learned so much this school year! Have you seen the growth, not measured by height alone! We hope you are seeing a budding reader, and a kinder child at home. Being aware of others and how they feel is an important life skill that we are always working on! ***Please send in a baby picture of your child if you have not done so already! Label it with your child’s name too!

We will play “Guess Who?” with the baby pictures we collect.  We will talk about all the things we can do now that we are 5. With God’s help, we are blessed with daily gifts! We look for them, notice them and are grateful for all of them! As we grow we see these blessings more clearly!

Literacy: We will continue to use our phonemic awareness skills in our daily Journaling. Writing what they hear and taking the word apart slowly helps your child label and write in their daily Journals. Help your child see things he or she can write about in school. We are using books from our Jolly Phonics program, each child has a book in their desk that is at their instructional level. Not too easy and not to hard…just right! We assist each child in reading these books and will change books as they are mastered. We will begin learning the color words too!

Math: Our number work is going very well! We will use ten frames and base ten blocks to show a number in terms of tens and ones.

Science/Social Studies: Our world is bursting with new life and growth! We will explore these changes as scientists do, looking closely and documenting the things we see. Keep your eyes open to see the beautiful world God has given us!

Have a great weekend!

The JK Team