Junior Kindergarten May 25, 2020

Happy Memorial day! This weather sure reminds us that summer is on the way!

As we look to this week of learning, this post on Instagram caught my eye! The lessons we have sent most definitely were designed to be fun and educational. Our hands on program remotely has been a challenge for all!

So looking to this week, I challenge you and your child to do some of the things on this list. Take pictures, enjoy the time together. Young children are eager to help and be with YOU! Let that happen in the  simplest of ways. This list shows things we all do daily, yet sometimes forget to include our children in these activities. This is LEARNING at the organic, basic level! And….fun for all.

Stay tuned for more information to follow about our end of the year wrap up. We are working hard to plan a nice experience for all the hard work completed this school year. In school or at home, your child grew and is ready for all the fun, learning in Kindergarten!  As we say in JK, “Give your self  pat on the back!”

Take pictures and post on our Facebook page! if you are not a follower, let me know and we can get you in! It has been fun to see the students doing some of our activities! Don’t want anyone to miss out on it!

           God bless us all, especially those who gave their lives for our freedom!

                                                                                             Mrs. Bentley

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