Junior Kindergarten May 7, 2021



















Our butterflies hatched! We fed them and then we said GOODBYE! The life cycle of a butterfly was the focus for us in Science, the transformation in each of us was the Religion focus!


Happy Mother’s Day to all moms, aunts, grandmas and women who show us God’s love! Our week was filled with talk of you and the impact you have on your child’s life! They are ALWAYS watching!

Religion: Your child has grown and developed soooo much this school year! We will look to Pete the Cat, or as we will see this week, Pete the Kitty, and all we can do! God is always with us guiding us and showing us His love in all the good around us! FYI…. Please send in a baby picture of your child on Monday May 24th. We will play GUESS WHO? Please label the picture so we can return it to you!

Literacy: Our word work is really paying off! Each and every word in our morning message are words WE CAN READ! Ask your child if he or she recognizes the words in the reading you do daily. You will be surprised! This program is designed to let the students guide instruction. And they sure have done that!

Math: Numbers upwards of 40 seem to be what these students are ready for, we will look to those numbers this week. We follow their lead!

Science/Social Studies: We planted grass and will care for this plant with water, sun and love! Do you plant things in a garden? Children just love to get in the dirt and see a garden grow! The things they like to eat are great things to have your child plant and care for!

Have a great weekend!

The JK Team


**** Our last day of Junior Kindergarten will be June 3 at 10:00 am! Dismiss and off to SUMMER! JK all the way to SUMMER!