Junior Kindergarten Newsletter May 21, 2021


What beautiful babies these children were! It was fun to see how much we have changed and all the things we can do, with God’s help, as we grow!

Religion:  We are looking back at this school year and all we have learned and how we have changed. Confidence in our abilities comes from all those small successes! Zipping our coat, skipping, recognizing letters, words, even cleaning up after ourselves after snack or lunch helps these students feel capable! It is amazing all the things they CAN do! Let your child help out with daily household jobs. Does your child have chores? Is your child responsible for his or her own room and toys? Being part of a classroom has taught your child to “pitch in.” It has taught your child to care about others and how they feel. As summer approaches, give your child responsibilities at home. All of this builds self esteem and let’s your child know you believe in him or her. Trying new things and sticking to them even though they may be hard will serve your child well in school and in life! Knowing God is with us through it all gives us faith and hope!

Literacy: Are you seeing your child as a budding reader? Recognizing words, making connections to the story and predicting what will happen next? All these skills, such as who is the story about, what happened in the story and where did the story happen, are pre-study skills. Thinking about the beginning, middle and end of the story helps for retelling the story too. After you read aloud, ask your child to re-tell the story.

Math: We are working on more or less. Which set has more, which has less? We will begin looking at pre-addition skills by joining groups together.

Science/Social Studies: Our grass is growing! We sent them home today, you can give the grass a haircut!!

Have a great weekend!

The JK Team