Junior Kindergarten November 13. 2020

Play is such an important part of development at the JK age! We incorporate play into our day, through centers and free choice time! Ask your child about these centers. Mr. Rogers said it best, “Play is the work of the young child!”



Comedy night is this Saturday! If you have not signed up please do! It should be so fun!

Comedy Night


The cooler fall weather returned, but we still spent some time outside this week! Be sure your child is dressed for the weather! We have recess after lunch, about noon. It can still be a bit chilly, but fresh air and movement are so important to the healthy development of the young child…not to mention, it’s just fun! The life skills of negotiating games and playing cooperatively with others are things we want all children to “get!” The struggling of “not getting your way” can be tough, but we model how to work through this and help children to understand the importance of give and take. Our playground equipment consist of hula hoops, sidewalk chalk, footballs and bouncing balls. It is so amazing to see children take these basic toys and make up games! Freeze tag is a big hit too!

Religion: As we are preparing for our Thanksgiving celebrations in our home, whatever that may look like this year, we are looking at the ordinary things in our lives that we sometimes do not see as gifts! Help your child see the ordinary that really is extraordinary! God shows His love for us through many ways. “When you see good, you see God!”

Literacy: Read, read, read to your child! It is one of the best indicators of future reading success! We will be learning /x/ this week in Jolly Phonics. That will complete the letter introduction portion of the program. We will take the days before Thanksgiving to review letters, sounds and actions. After Thanksgiving, we will work on word families. To practice this, say rhyming words, have your children repeat these words. Ask your child to say a word that rhymes with /cat/ or /big/. Hearing these rimes, is a big component of early reading skills! Let’s give our kids the best possible chance to find success!

Math: We do graphing daily. Our morning questions consist of answering a yes/no question. We collect the information and discuss what we discovered. Your child can have fun doing this at home too. “Do you like carrots?” Have your child make tally marks for each person’s answer. We are also focusing on ten frames, patterning and number work!

Science/Social Studies: As we look to coming together at Thanksgiving, we may notice that we have much more in common than our differences! We are planning a small celebration in our classroom. Talk to your child about your family traditions during the holiday season. Besides the great food, does your family go for a walk after dinner, watch football? Our family usually plays cards after the meal! Being grateful for the day with family is what brings us all together. Does your heritage celebrate with different foods than the regular fare? Talk to your child about the things your ancestors brought to our country and to our rich diverse culture. We are all better off with the unique things that have been brought to our country by many different families! This will be part of what we will be doing to celebrate Thanksgiving in our classroom!

**Please check into Seesaw! If you need another sheet with your child’s code, please let me know! Be sure to check your “inbox” as I may be adding boom cards! I have been adding activities on Tuesday, but I may be adding random things as I am finding so much fun stuff! Stay tuned!!


If you are anything like me, I start my Christmas shopping early! This is just some food for thought as we head into the Christmas season!

Have a good weekend!

The JK Team