Junior Kindergarten November 6, 2020

Family Reading Night is November 19th! Read together as a family and send pictures to Mrs. Schaefer! For more information, please check the web site below!



What a beautiful week we had! The weather made it easy for us to spend time outside. Children need unstructured time to work on social emotional learning! Building those cooperative skills happens when they just play. It is the work of the young child! Watching how they interact with one another helps to make our classroom a family! We need to care how others feel and others need to care how we feel! We ask children to talk to each other and LISTEN, that’s the hard part!

Our outside time is just an extension of the classroom! It is really the beginning of how we are asked to get along with others. Let your child see how you interact with others, talk about it. They do what they see. This is a daunting task for us as parents! Little eyes and ears are always on us!

Religion: We are blessed and lucky as God gives us all that we need! Often in our classroom we say, “You do your best, Jesus will do the rest!” Our running theme of being grateful will carry us all month.

Wednesday November 11 is National Kindness Day! As a family, do something kind for each other or an outside family member. Ask your child for ideas too. We work on this daily, but having a day to really focus on this important concept is great!

Literacy: Jolly Phonics is going well! You can go to youtube to find the songs and actions to reinforce what we are doing in class. These actions really help children work on sounds. Many children in our school still use these actions, even in 2nd and 3rd grade! It really works! Our Jolly letters next week will be /v/ and /y/.

Math: As we begin to assess students we are noticing that recognizing numbers 1-10 is a skill we need to work on. Numbers 6,8 and 9 are tricky ones! Help your child with this and also have them count out a large number of items, like 12. We will keep practicing this in school too!

Science/Social Studies: Our country has been built on the idea of acceptance and tolerance, along with celebrating the differences and uniqueness we bring to the table. When we dig into this concept, we notice that we have more in common! Our Thanksgiving table reflects the celebration of friendship and love! Friendsgiving will be something we look at as we get closer to Thanksgiving!

Have a great weekend!

The JK Team