Junior Kindergarten October 16, 2020



The weather has been cooperating for us to spend some time outside! Please be sure your child is dressed for the weather. Chilly days are still so fun outside. Help your child zipper his or her coat too. We are very patient as we wait for all to be zipped or buttoned before we leave the classroom. We “budget” in that time to give each child the chance to feel good about themselves when this self care task is completed. We love seeing faces light up when they can say, “I did it!” This teaches many life skills, patience from everyone is great to see too! Self esteem comes from doing things independently. Does your child have chores? 4 and 5 year olds are very capable and willing to help and contribute to family life! Cleaning up after themselves is a great way to start. But clearing dishes from the table, sweeping, making beds are all within their abilities! You will see how proud they are after a job is completed. It might not be up to our grown up standards of course, but the goal is in the effort!

Religion: “When you see good, you see God!” God is such an abstract concept for young children. Seeing God in our every day life is important to point out to children. When an act of kindness is done, there is God. Help your child see this in your interactions. St. Cletus has a school wide morning prayer each day. This prayer is read to us in our classrooms. This prayer changes monthly. This month we ask God to “open our eyes to the ordinary beauty around us!” Very profound, even for adults! In our classroom we have a morning prayer, prayer before we eat, an end of the day prayer. Before we pray as a class, we stop, breathe and reflect. We ask the class where they have seen God, in your lunch made by someone who loves you? YES!! Our focus will be God all around us next week, but really everyday!

Literacy: Jolly Phonics is going well! Our letters next week will be /L/ and /F/. Help your child find things that begin with these letters. Any support from home really will help your child have confidence in school. Click HERE to print flash cards to begin practicing sight word recognition.  You can also print 2 copies of these on thicker paper and play memory!

Math: Our number poems really help with number formation. We are patterning and graphing as well as counting next week in our centers.

Science/Social Studies: PUMPKINS!!! We will be looking at pumpkins and the life cycle of pumpkins. We are asking each family to donate a small pumpkin to us the week of October 26. We are planning a virtual pumpkin patch trip for a Halloween event! We will make tickets, drink apple juice and take a pumpkin home! Please mark the small pumpkin with your child’s name on the bottom! Thank you!!

Due to the JK families generosity, we have received all our Amazon wish list items! THANK YOU!! 


The week of October 19, I will be calling each family to update you on how things are going in our classroom. Please let me know if there is a specific night or time to call. I plan on starting these calls about 7:00.


THIS JUST IN!!! Pete the Cat Club is having a contest! Check out the information here!

Have a great weekend!

The JK Team