Junior Kindergarten October 2, 2020

We are so grateful to our JK families! Our Amazon wish list has been getting filled! Thank you to all who have helped out our classroom by purchasing the items listed in our newsletter! These items make our learning so much fun!

Here is an updated list of things that would make our classroom even more fun! Hard to believe that could even happen!

PLEASE.   Please be sure to check in to your student’s seesaw account weekly.  Be sure to check the INBOX on the right hand side for additional assignments.   We’d like grown-ups and children to get comfortable navigating Seesaw.  Boom cards are quick, self-checking practice cards. This link is only good for 12 days! It is a counting activity, practicing this skill will be helpful!


Religion: God chooses us again and again! We are part of God’s family! We will look at ways we can see God’s love all around us! Help your child see God in your home, when someone shows kindness in any way. When we are kind and caring, we feel good too! Let your child know you are proud of him or her when you see our faith in action!

Literacy: Our Jolly Phonics program has been going really well! Ask your child to show you the actions and sounds that the letters make. We practice this daily, you can reinforce this at home to help it stick! Next week we will focus on /D/ and /G/. Please take the time to read to your child. It is one of the best indicators of future school success! Not to mention, it is just plain fun! Look for the letters we have learned in school. Ask questions about things like, “what do you think will happen next? What happened at the beginning, middle and end of the story? Who were the characters in the story? Where did the story take place? What was your favorite part and why?” These are things we ask as we read aloud in school!

Math: Our number formation poems will be reviewed as well as counting and more sorting next week!

Science/Social Studies: As we continue in the season of fall, we will do more and more exploring to really notice these seasonal changes!

Name writing: We will continue to practice writing our names correctly with one capital letter and correct formation of all letters. At home:

***PLEASE fill out the tech survey, follow this link!

Have a great weekend and LOOK for those signs of fall with your family! Life through the eyes of a young child can be so much fun!

The JK Team