Junior Kindergarten October 23, 2020

A peek into our centers! So many fun learning activities every day!


REMINDER: Please send in a small pumpkin with your child’s name on the bottom by Wednesday October 28. We will be sending these home after we go on a virtual field trip on Friday October 30.  THANK YOU!!


Our week was filled with fun learning activities! Are you seeing your child being more helpful? Is your child completing chores? Being a contributing member of your family is something a JK student can do! Have you noticed your child becoming more independent? The faces seem to just light up when a difficult task is accomplished. This builds confidence and helps your child take on new tasks. School is all about new tasks! Let’s give your child the ability to tackle things and not give up! “Stick to it, you can do it” We say this early and often in our classroom!

Religion: God cares how we feel, and we need to care how others feel! We will begin a unit on feelings. Our first one will be fear. With Halloween right around the corner, we need to remind children that God is always with us, even when we are afraid. Ask your child about the prayers we say in school. We have a morning prayer, grace before meals, and an end of the day prayer. We take the time to breathe and center ourselves before we say these prayers. We put ourselves in the presence of God. In this time of uncertainty, it is so necessary to remind us of God’s divine providence!

Literacy: Our Jolly Phonics letters will be /J/ and /B/.  Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear the sounds of letters in words. We do these exercises daily! Help your child hear the sound at the beginning of a word. Ask your child to tell you the sound they hear at the beginning of the word, book. Be sure your child says the sound NOT the word. Rhyming words are fun too! All these word games can be done in the car, after story time at night or any quiet time you have with your child! One of the best indicators of future reading and school success is the simple task of reading aloud to your child!  Take that time with your child, these young years fly by and the memories made during read alouds are priceless!

Math: Help your child count items. Help your child write the number of items counted. We continue to graph in many ways to explore and collect information. We also will be working on patterning and number order.

Science/Social Studies: We have read many non-fiction books about trees and leaves during fall. Changes in the seasons are great things for young children to explore! Each type of tree has a different color and shape. Help your child find different leaves, We are looking to collect these leaves and see how they are different and how they are the same!


Have a great weekend!

The JK Team