Junior Kindergarten October 9, 2020

Dear JK families,

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Take some time over this long weekend to notice the seasonal changes! We use our senses to see, hear, feel and taste these changes. Talk to your child about the new season. Language development and conversations are a great way to boost your child’s vocabulary as well as confidence and self esteem. We take turns talking AND listening!

The social emotional growth we have seen so far this school year has been wonderful! We are learning how to solve problems with our classmates, finding our voice! Pouting and crying can sometimes be a 4/5 year olds “go to” reaction. When we see an issue developing we help the child find solutions, but ‘use your voice’ is our best answer! We also instruct the children that they MUST care how others feel. They really are responding to this and working things out! Life skills in the making!

Religion: God asks one thing of us….LOVE ONE ANOTHER! Follow the Golden Rule, the Law of Love! We will look at ways we can do this every day. We see God’s love everywhere, when we notice His greatness every day!

Literacy: Our Jolly Phonics letters will be /O/ and /U/.  Continue to do word play games! Asking about beginning sounds and rhyming words helps your child hear the sounds. This is a vital early reading indicator! Practicing at home, in the car or anytime reinforces and improves this skill!

Math: We collect information daily and create graphs. We graph weather, opinions too. We will work on patterns this week. Our number work never ends! We count often and review the number formation poems as well.

Science: Pumpkins are everywhere right now! We will explore pumpkins and the life cycle of the pumpkin.

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Have a great long weekend!

The JK Team