Junior Kindergarten September 11,2020

A peek into our classroom! We have such fun while we learn!

**Did you get the Seesaw app? We have sent an assignment to the platform for your child to complete. Did you join our JK Rocks Facebook page? These are platforms for us to stay connected to our St. Cletus Family!

PLEASE remember to take your child’s temperature daily! We do a check here at school, but it is best to be sure your child is healthy BEFORE coming to school! Thank you for helping everyone stay healthy!

The weather changing has given us the chance to be outside more! Ask your child about his or her interactions with classmates. The social/emotional well being of our students has been a big focus! Learning to negotiate these new formed friendships is a key component of this program! Find out the things your child is enjoying during recess and free choice time. Asking questions can open up a conversation which can lead to many insights!

Religion: God gives us our families to show us about His love for us! Please send in your family photo with your child so we can put these up in our classroom. Each family is different and unique and made by God.

Literacy: Jolly Phonics letters this week will be /N/ and /C/K/. In phonemic awareness we are “taking off the first sound of a word, for example, say mat, child responds by saying /M/, just the sound at the beginning of the word. You can practice this driving in the car! Say words and have your child  tell you the first sound in that word. A quick review of this at home will help your child as we do this activity in school.

Math: Counting, graphing, sorting are things we will work on this coming week. We will continue the proper number formation as well.

Science/Social Studies: As we collect information and create our graphs, we make observations about our discoveries!

Have a great weekend!

The JK Team