Junior Kindergarten September 4, 2020


*This is from an outside prayer source, but it does sum up this school year so well, doesn’t it?

May your mask be super comfy

and your hands stay squeaky clean

may you bring your best to every class

in real life or on-screen!

May your lunch always be yummy.

And your friends be always true

But mostly know how much you’re loved

by God who made YOU!


We have settled into some nice routines! Children love structure and routines their is comfort in these….they know what’s coming next! Do you have a bedtime routine with your child? Now would be a great time to establish a way for your child to settle in for the night. Bath time, story time, prayer and sleep! Let your child choose the story. This is a great time to see all the skills we are learning in school! One of the biggest factors in future success in reading begins with reading aloud to your child. There is so much out of our control these days, this calming time helps us all feel a bit better!  Helping your child be a good readers is time spent in your lap!

Religion: You have received a paper with our school prayers on it. Please practice these prayers and feel free to use them with your family. Grace before meals is a special one as it helps your family relax, and spend the meal time together!

Literacy: We will look at the letters-“P” and “I.” Help your child fine these letters as you read together! Phonemic awareness is the ability to “hear” the differences in the sound of letters and words. Have some fun with rhyming words! The ability to hear these rhyming words is another indicator of future reading success.

Math: We will be practice recognizing numbers and we have some poems for proper number formation.

Science/Social Studies: We are building our social skills all the time! Ask your child who he or she has played with each day. Ask how it’s going. Ask about the Bucket we fill with warm fuzzies when we “catch” children being kind! We try to have our eyes and ears everywhere!  We love when a child reports a kindness someone did for them! If we can help with any questions you may have regarding this, just send us an email!


**We are asking that you send in a family picture for us to display in our classroom! We are a JK family! Have this picture to us by September 12! Thank you!

Have a nice long weekend!

Mrs. Bentley