JK January 24, 2020


These are skills we are working on! These skills are mastered by the END of Kindergarten, but many 5 year olds can find success even before that time!

Reading aloud daily will help your child achieve these goals! Not to mention…gratitude is a way to expand young minds!

Dear Families,

We had a great week! We are beginning to do more work on our morning message. It is a “Mystery Message!”  That means, a letter is missing from a word, it may be at the beginning of the word or the last sound in the word.  We search for letters too, and estimate how often we see the daily chosen letter. So many skills in the first 30 minutes of our school day! It is wonderful when math and reading work together!

**Join us for our St. Cletus School Open House on Sunday January 26th. Come to the 9:30 Mass and head over to our school to see all the great things that happen in Cardinal Country every day! Bring your friends, family and neighbors! It is a time to “show off”  the great choice you have made for your child!

Next Week:

Religion: Our Catholic school celebration will give us the opportunity to see how blessed and lucky we are to attend our special school.

Literacy: We are working on the LAST sound in words, it really is a mind shift for the students! We are writing things that the students dictate to us to match a drawing. Ask you child to tell you about any sentence that is written with a drawing, language develops by talking and listening. 5 years love it too!

Math:We are working on numbers 1-30. Recognition is the first step. Next we will look to writing these numbers. We are starting to estimate items in a special jar and estimate the chosen letter in our morning message. They are really good at this skill!

Science/Social Studies: We are excellent at weather watching! We have a JK tree that we are using to document the seasons, just like scientists!


See you Sunday!

Mrs. Bentley