JK Newsletter – September 10

Fall is in the air, and we have been enjoying our time outdoors. We have been pairing up with our preschool friends and going for walks before recess!  Ask your children about who they walked with around the school? Who they played with at recess? The social emotional well being of our students has been a big focus. Learning how to share toys, take turns, include others are just a few of the components to forming  friendships, and is a big part of our program.

Religion: God gives us families to show his love for us!  We had a visit from Ft. Elmer and sang Happy Birthday to Mary on her feast day. We also took the kids to church to say a prayer and bless themselves upon entering and leaving the church.

Literacy: We learned the letter “T” and “I” this week! Ask your kids to show you the hand motion and sound for these letters. Next week in Jolly Phonics, we are learning the letters “P” and “N”.

In phonemic awareness the kids have been taking a part compound works and putting them together with a clap.  For example, class room- classroom(clap).  They also are also “taking off the beginning sound of the word, for example say bat, child responds with /b/, the beginning sound. Try a few while eating ice cream  or heading to the playground:)

Math: Counting, sorting and tally marks are all things we are continuing to work  next week.  We are also working on number formation as well.

A few reminders….

  • No school on Monday September 13th
  •  Please bring in a 4×6 picture of your family for our JK family board, if you have not done so already
  •  THANK YOU to Cecilia for the kitchen utencils,  playdough and  magnetic building sticks.  Grace G’s family for the Zingo game.  Chloe for the pots and pans. Elin for the learning boards and Delaney for all the crafts and stamps. Your kids are REALLY enjoying the new items!

Have a wonderful weekend!

The JK Team