JK November 15, 2019

**Don’t forget to sing up for parent-teacher conferences! The times are filling up! This will give us a chance to chat about all the good things and the growth we have seen in JK!!

Dear Families,

Our thankful hearts are full! Ask your child about some of the things we have looked at as ordinary gifts from God, but are really extraordinary! Keeping our eyes open for these blessings daily, that has been our mission all month and will continue into next week. But should we stop there? Living in the moment is a lesson we can learn from our students, and this helps us to see the gifts right before our eyes! What a wonderful thing to experience with your child.

Next week:

Religion: All the things mentioned above! Check sign up genius, we are having  small celebration in our classroom and we are looking for items to prepare for this feast. If you can donate an item, please do! Thank you!

Literacy: Our Jolly Phonics letters are J and Z. We will continue to dig into our read alouds. We will be making predictions about what might happen next in the story. We will also make connections to the story. Has the same things happened to you that happened to the characters in the story? We also love to talk about our favorite part of the story. These are things you can do when you read aloud at home. Extending the things we do in school at home really helps your child develop skills and an enjoyment for reading! We LOVE to play Memory in centers. This builds visual memory in your child, a key skill to letter and word recognition. Try it at home!

Math: Ask your child about our number poems. These help with proper number formation and recognition of these numbers. We collect information using graphs. We graph the weather daily and the results of our morning question. We have even used a Venn diagram to graph the snack choices the  students have made.

Science /Social Studies: Snow has come way too early! The cold weather too…what happened to Fall?? But we will continue to prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving by learning more about the very first Thanksgiving.


Please keep in mind, as soon as the snow flies, we DO NOT go outside. Your child is responsible for taking  boots off in the morning and on at the end of the school day. When winter weather hits, we do not go outside for recess,  so boots are often times an unnecessary step in his or her routine! Please practice coat zipping too! We are encouraging independence. One of our students zipped his coat all by himself for the first time…I wish I had a camera! His face was full of such pride! This is what we strive for each day! It is amazing what your child CAN do!

Have a good weekend!