Junior Kindergarten August 21, 2020



We had a great first week in JK!! We are learning so many was to be independent! Be sure that the things you send for snack/lunch are easy for your child to open. Please help your child wash his or her hands for 20 seconds and handle the bathroom independently! Also, please have your child practice opening, applying, and closing their small hand sanitizer containers.  All these life skills build confidence in your child to tackle the new challenges ahead!

Next week:

Religion: We will learn all about Creation. All good things come from God. We look for God in our world, in the sky, the beautiful trees but mostly in the people that love us! God in all things! If we look through the eyes of a young child, we can see the beauty God created. We are learning a morning prayer. prayer before meals and a closing prayer. Pray as a family, let your child see you praying! God listens to the prayers of the young children.

Literacy: We will begin our Jolly Phonics program next week. We will use our phonemic awareness program too! One of the most important indicators of future reading success is…..something so fun and easy…READ ALOUD TO YOUR CHILD! We will read aloud at least once a day…maybe more!

Math: We are graphing the weather daily. We gather information using graphs and look to see what we can discover. We will practice counting too! Help your child count things at home. How many plates will you need for dinner? How many steps in your house? All real life math skills at work!

**We are finding that the children are going in their lunch box and “shopping” for a snack. Please put the snack in a separate bag so it can be found easily! Food items need to be easy for each child to open! Practice this at home. Snack is a small item, a cheese stick, goldfish, fruit…help your child choose 1 thing!


Your child is coming home with a sheet for your family to complete, “All About Awesome Me!!” Please do this with your child and return by August 28th. Help your child fill this out so we can get to know your child and your family!

Have a great weekend!

The JK Team