Junior Kindergarten December 13, 2019

Dear Families,

Have you noticed your child being more helpful at home? Our gift to Jesus on His birthday is our kindness, when we share the kind deed from home, we get to put a piece of “straw” in our classroom crib for Jesus, to make His bed soft for Him.

Religion: We will continue to look for kindness and hear the story of the Christmas miracle! Each week we have been making a craft that helps us see the beauty and joy of the this blessed season.  The best part of the season is seeing it through the eyes of a child! Enjoy this time, slow down and notice the excitement and love in your child!

Literacy: We will finish our Jolly Phonics program this week. Practice beginning sounds with your child. Say a word, ask your child to tell you what letter starts the word. Move into the ENDING sound….we are working on that skill now.  These skills will help when we begin shared writing. This activity requires hearing the sounds in the words. This will come after Christmas break.

Math: We will pattern and work on those teen numbers. Ask your child what number comes after any teen number. Ask your child to write a teen number. Any practice done at home really helps and we can tell those that work on these skills. Your child benefits!! Showing your child that you support the work we do each day is invaluable!


** See you at our Advent/Christmas Mass on December 20 at 9:30! We have reserved seats in the front of Church on the tabernacle side!  

See you then!