Junior Kindergarten March 5, 2021

Dr. Seuss week was a hit! Here is a website for some things to explore with your child!


Our school auction is fast approaching! Please look at the site to get ideas of some of the gifts being auctioned off! Our JK class is putting together a Pete the Cat basket of goodies that any young child would LOVE!

Spring Auction

The auction has a fun shirt too! Here is the link to purchase a shirt!


We explored some Dr. Seuss books, we love rhyming words!!! Word families have the same ending, but different beginning letters. For example, cat, fat, hat…big, pig, wig. Rhyming words together is a skill that is key to beginning reading! Riding in the car, you can play a rhyming game, “Let’s play Rhyme Time! Come up with as many words that rhyme with cat!” Children love nonsense words too, “gat” rhymes with hat, but is a nonsense word…makes them giggle!

Religion: For the next few weeks we will be looking at Jesus’ life. How can we be more like Jesus in the choices we make? WWJD, what would Jesus do? This is something we talk about daily! Caring for each other is doing God’s work!

Literacy: Our word family work will continue as well as looking at some POPcorn words. Help your child find these words in your books as you read together. Our words will be, the, a, I, good, it, and is. These words appear in our classroom morning message each day. Finding these words in other places is fun!!!

Math: Numbers 1-30, 27 is 2 groups of ten, with 7 hanging out at the side! We are using ten frames and base ten blocks to visualize the numbers.

Science/Social Studies: Our world will begin to come back to life! We will keep our eyes open to notice God’s beautiful world!


Have a nice weekend!

The JK Team