Junior Kindergarten November 1, 2019

Dear Families,

The week was filled with leaves. pumpkins and Halloween! Who says learning can’t be fun!?

Next week:

Religion: We will begin our month of being Thankful! Each day we will discuss something in particular that we can be grateful for and add it to our Thankful Pumpkin. Showing gratitude to God for all these blessings is done through kindness and spreading love. Watch for your child to show this to you at home!

Literacy: Jolly Phonics letters will be U and L. Don’t forget to look for ALL the letters we have learned in our Jolly Phonics program. Ask your child to tell you words that rhyme, words that start with a certain letter, say a word and ask your child to tell you the letter the word begins with. This reinforcement of the things we are doing in school makes such a HUGE difference in your child’s confidence and future reading success! Being interested in your child’s school day and school work is a great predictor of future school success!

Math: Number recognition and counting will be worked on, as well as looking at sorting and patterning…but collecting information to answer a question is something we look at daily.  Comparing results is a great math skill that we continue to work on!

Science/Social Studies: Thanksgiving will be our focus for the month.


Thank you moms, for a wonderful Halloween party!!


Have a great weekend!