Junior Kindergarten October 11, 2019

A peak into our week!

The beautiful fall weather has gotten us outside this week! Play is the work of a child. Working out game rules, sharing and just being considerate of others is all in a days work here!

Religion: Families are a gift from God. We will explore all families as special and unique. We learn about God’s love for us through our families. We also look for God in all things around us. Our school morning prayer tells us to open our eyes and see the beauty in God’s world. This is the perfect time of year to explore the beauty around us! Help your child see this gift all around us!

Literacy: Jolly Phonics has been going well!  Notice the letters we have covered in the program as you read to your child. Ask your child to find the letters in the text. Discuss the picture as a good way to tell about the story too. Predict what the next page will tell! These early reading skills will help to develop a love of reading, show excitement as you read.

Math: We are working on printing the numbers the JK way. Counting and knowing what number comes next is our goal this next week.

Science: We are looking at the leaves and pumpkins.


We are finding that most children are not eating the hot lunch. Please discuss the choices with your child before you order these lunches! Our lunch rule is that they must eat fruit or veggies before any treats. Please be sure your child has a piece of fruit each day. You may find your child extra hungry after school on hot lunch days…this may be the reason why!

Enjoy the fall weekend!