Junior Kindergarten October 25, 2019


We painted our Jack-o-lantern! Don’t they look like the one in our classroom?

Dear families,

Our week was filled with fun and learning! We filled our kindness bucket again! Help your child see things that he or she can do to be helpful at home. Kindness Counts in JK! Ask your child what kind deed he or she has done to help our class achieve this goal.

Next Week:

Our Halloween party will be Thursday October 31 at 1:30. Our room moms have put together some fun centers to help us celebrate! Your child can wear his or her costume to school. Please be sure that your child can handle bathroom trips with the costume. We ask that no masks or weapons  are brought to school. We will have a treat during our party, no need to send treats to pass. Halloween is a day when we have way too many treats, right?!?

Religion: We live as Jesus taught us to….we will look at some Bible stories, but we will look for God in all things and in all the good things we have. God asks us to share His love with others.

October is the month of the Rosary. Please show your child your Rosary and talk about praying this special prayer that Mary asks us to pray to bring peace into our world.

Literacy: Jolly Phonics letters this week are G and O. Review the letter and actions for our previous letters. Each Monday for morning work, we are asking the students to draw a picture of something they did over the weekend. Help your child brainstorm ideas. We ask for details in the drawings. As the students tell us about the pictures, we write the sentence. This helps children see the that the words they say, can be written down.

Don’t forget to read together too! This is the best indicator of future reading success!

Math: We are counting and looking at teen numbers. Help your child count a group of items, be sure he or she goes slow enough so that each item is counted!

Science: We will look to the life cycle of pumpkins as well as the changes we see outside in this beautiful season!

We went on a leaf hunt and found many lovely leaves! God makes Fall a beautiful season!

As I find articles that I feel may be helpful as you travel this parent journey, I will post them here.

Can we ever get enough good ideas and help doing the most important job!?

Have a great weekend!

P.S. We are looking for pretty colorful leaves to do a project. Take your child on a leaf hunt! Press the leaves in a heavy book, then put then in a plastic bag for traveling to our classroom!