Junior Kindergarten Sept. 13 2019

Dear Families,

The warm weather has not stopped us from having fun! We have been working on following rules and directions in a classroom setting. Finding ways to solve problems is another school concept that takes time to develop!

A few housekeeping items:

We are struggling with some lunch time items. Please be sure that your child can open and handle the things you are providing for lunch time. If you need to, practice this with your child! Independence is a skill we are working on here at school, please work on it at home too!

Please let your child know who is picking up after school. Let your child know if he or she is attending after care too. This information helps your child feel comfortable and confident as the day goes on. Emailing us as well helps, but your child should know and needs to know this information daily! We say, “Ask your grown ups before you get out of the car about the after school plan!”

Next week:

Religion: Jesus loved His friends! We will explore ways to make friends and more importantly, how to BE a friend! Children at this young age are very egocentric by nature. We are asking them to look around and be aware of others. Our classroom bucket is getting filled up by all the good, kind deeds we are doing! Help your child see ways he or she can be helpful around your house too.

Literacy: We have learned the letters S, A and T. Please review the sounds of these letters. Your child can show you the action that accompanies each letter too! As you read daily with your child, look for these letters in the text of books. Find the letters in your child’s name too! Reading aloud is a huge indicator of future reading success for your child, and it is fun! Why not spend that quality time together?

Math: The children seem to have a good grasp of number recognition. So we are looking at counting objects. Practice this at home by counting a large number of items, over 10. Pointing and counting, putting these items in a group of ten will be most helpful.

Have a great weekend! Don’t forget to look for God in all things! He is everywhere!