Kindergarten Newsletter, April 5

Upcoming Events:

  • Monday, April 8: Hot Lunch, pasta
  • Tuesday, April 9 and Thursday, April 11: Dining for Dollars, Cafe Salsa, FLYER required
  • Wednesday, April 10: Hot Lunch, Caesar salad

This Week:

We enjoyed learning more about Eric Carle this week.  We read many of his stories and learned more about him as an author and illustrator.  The children enjoyed mimicking his style of artwork and created a flower.

On Friday, we enjoyed Easter activities including a hunt. Congrats to the two coloring contest winners, Maddie and Leyla!  Thanks to the Athletic Association for sponsoring!

Click HERE to check out pictures from this week.

Next Week:

It’s our last week before Easter break and we will be VERY busy!


  • Reader’s Theater: this has been a big hit in kindergarten!  We will continue to practice and act out our performances for eachother next week.
  • Easter Read Alouds: we will make connections to these Easter stories; “this reminds me of…”
  • Daily Journaling and partner pair sharing.
  • Small group guided reading: we will put our reading strategies to work!
  • Review of sight words: our final word wall was sent home on Friday.  We practice these words daily during calendar, journal and center time. Practice reading and writing these words at home!


  • We will make a Holy Week flip book, illustrating what happens on Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.
  • We will share bread with our friends, reminding us that Jesus shared bread with His friends on Holy Thursday.
  • We will learn a new song: “Holy, Holy, Holy Week, Easter’s a week away….”
  • We will continue sharing kindness with others as we prepare our hearts for Jesus on Easter Sunday.  With each kind deed, our butterfly is becoming more colorful!


  • We have finished observing our bean and popcorn seeds.  When your child comes home with his/her seeds, please plant them in some dirt!  We will plant some at school so we can continue to watch the growth. We will continue our observations.
  • We will keep looking for signs of spring outside.  We see new ones each day!
  • Science experiments…with peeps! We will make predictions, experiment and go over the results together.


  • Sort and graph jelly beans by color
  • Counting by 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s.
  • Identifying and describing 2d and 3d shapes.
  • Representing addition and subtraction with equations, written both horizontally and vertically.
  • Decomposing numbers up to 10 in more than one way. For example, 5=2+3 and 5=4+1
  • Measurement: length, width and weight.