Kindergarten Newsletter, April 8

Upcoming Events/Mark your calendars:

  • Thursday, April 14: Washing of the Feet prayer service at 9:30, presented by 1st grade
  • Friday, April 15: Begin Easter break! See you back on the 25th!
  • Monday, April 11-Thursday, April 14: The St. Cletus Book Fair in Morrissey Hall is next week!  The kindergarten classes will be “shopping” on Monday morning. We will walk through the book fair with our clipboards and will create a ‘wish list’ which each child will bring home.  You can bring this list to the library to look for these books, or you can visit the fair after school with your child and purchase!  If you are unable to bring your child after school (the fair is open til 4:00, Monday-Thursday), then send the money to school with your child in a LABELED ENVELOPE and Mrs. Zontos will take these children to buy their books.  For our young ones, we prefer money and purchases to be handled by the grown-ups at home! If you can’t make it to the fair after school, Mrs. Zontos will be happy to help the purchasers during the school day.

                                      Book fair hours are: Monday-Thursday: 9-12 and 1-4

Please read the easter letter pdf sent home as a hard copy on Friday.