Kindergarten Newsletter, August 20

Hello Families!

This is where you will find the kindergarten newsletter!  Please check this page each week.  We will highlight some of the exciting things that are happening in kindergarten and also let you know what’s coming up next!

Organization/Stay Connected Items:

1.) Facebook KINDERGARTEN CLASS group: Search “Mahr/firestone” and ask to join. This is our kindergarten group (for both classes).  We encourage you to post any fun family weekend pictures, if you go somewhere and think other families might enjoy, please share!  If you’re headed to the park and want to let others know where you are in case they want to join–post it there! Lost a tooth?  Share a picture!  Had a fun family birthday party?  Share a picture! We are family!

2.) Follow “ST. CLETUS” on Instagram and Facebook.

3.) Join the PARENT St. Cletus Facebook page; St. Cletus parents ask questions that you may have too!

4.) Go to: and add the google calendar to your phone so you have an easy way to see different events happening at school.

Please reach out if you have ANY questions!  Next newsletter we will begin to follow our regular newsletter format and we will also discuss SEESAW.

Have a great weekend!